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Q: Is it safe to dive in Croatia?
A: As with any other diving destination, you are advised to dive with a registered, legal diving centre, which is familiar with local conditions and emergency procedures.
Q: What is the maximum depth we are allowed to dive to in Croatia?
A: Croatian law stipulates a maximum recreational diving depth of 40 metres and decompression diving is not permitted.
Q: What dive suit should I bring?
A: From April to November, we recommend a good two piece 5 – 7mm wet or semidry suit, with a hood and booties, for comfort at all depths up to 40 metres. During the winter months a dry suit is recommended.
Q: My whole family did a dive course and we do not have any of our own gear yet, will you have all the necessary sizes for us? What is the quality like?
A: Our dive centre is well equipped for shapes and sizes. Our rental gear is all top quality “in service” dive gear.
Q: I have a “DIN” regulator do you have a tank for me?
A: All our tanks are “DIN” and “INT” compatible.
Q: I need to hire a tank, what size will you give me?
A: We like to give our guests lots of air, so a 15L is standard. Off course you can choose to have a 12L or 10L if you wish.
Q: I dive with two 1st stage regulators; do you have tanks with twin outlets for me?
A: Yes, off course.
Q: Is there an operational decompression chamber available?
A: There are three fully operational chambers nearby, one in Crikvenica, (only 300 metres from our dive centre)! One in “Pula” and one in “Split”
Q: Do I have to be a very good swimmer, if I want to learn to dive?
A: No, the average person who knows how to swim can also learn to dive.
Q: Diving looks like fun, but I am scared that I might not like it. Can I just try it before I commit myself to a proper course?
A: You can do a “Try scuba” programme, with a qualified instructor, who will explain some very basic theory and take you on a controlled shallow trial dive.
Q: I want to learn dive; but know nothing about it, which course should I do?
A: An “Open Water Diver” course is your first step.
Q: In what languages are the courses conducted?
A: Courses are conducted in English or Croatian but academic materials are also available in German, Itallian, Slovenian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Czech, so only a working knowledge of English is necessary. Underwater, universal sign language is used.
Q: Do I need to have a medical examination before doing a scuba diving course?
A: We strongly recommend having a medical examination from a qualified “Dive doctor” Contact “DAN” for a list of dive doctors in your region.
Q: I want to do an Open Water Diver course, but don’t want to spend a whole week of my holiday learning to dive. Will I be busy all day, everyday with the course?
A: No, we will only need a few hours everyday, the rest of the time you have off, although you will need to read your study materials in your own time.
Q: Do I need to buy or bring any equipment for the course?
A: You will need to have your own snorkelling equipment, (Mask, Snorkel, Fins). We provide all the other necessary equipment. If you do not have your own equipment, we recommend that you do not buy any, until you have completed the first lecture where you learn which equipment is sutalble for scuba diving and which isn’t. If you have any of your own, bring it along and we will see if it is sutalble.
Q: What is included in the price of an Open Water Diver course?
A: The price of our OWD course includes: 1. Professional instruction by a qualified scuba diving instructor. 2. The use of all our facilities, lecture room and audiovisual teaching systems. 3. All the course educational materials in the form of a training kit, consisting of a training record, textbook, study guide, logbook and dive tables. 4. The use of all necessary scuba equipment for the duration of the course. 5. All compressed air necessary for the duration of the course. 6. All required training dives.
Q: On completion of a course, is my certification internationally recognised.
A: Yes, not only will your certification be recognised, but respected. Our courses are run according to the standards of 3 of the oldest and most respected training agencies in the world.
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