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Continuing Education Ratings: Speciality diver / Advanced diver / Master diver / Dive Master

Dive City offers PADI and SSI continuing education courses.

Dive City teaches “Scuba Schools International” continuing education courses because the certification requirements are the highest in the industry, and SSI’s philosophy is unique from other training agencies.

In order to earn SSI certification, a diver must complete a combination of training and experience requirements (complete a certain total number of dives). There is no time limit to complete the required number of dives, but certification is only issued on completion of both requirements. On completion, the diver is truly qualified and comfortable in the water.

Speciality diver:
Combine 2 specialities + a minimum of 12 dives.

Advanced diver:
Combine 4 specialities + a minimum of 24 dives.

Master diver:
Combine 4 specialities + Stress & Rescue course + a minimum of 50 dives.






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